Meet the Board

Brian Sullivan – Board Member / Director

Wilson X. Bezerra – Founder / Inventor / Board Member

An industry master with over 35 years of successful experience running a personal business, Wilson Berzerra has demonstrated capacity in understanding what business will thrive and which one will fail. He is a certified sales professional, and an IRS Enrolled Agent, with track records of integrity and ingenuity in service delivery. Starting his career journey at ACS Inc., Totowa, in 1986 as an IRS Enrolled Agent, Wilson mastered the professional accounting principles, theory, and practices with

which he can analyze and interpret accounting books, records, or systems, before transferring that knowledge into business and corporate financial management.

Wilson is a trained Information Technology Engineer with a certification as a Microsoft Systems Engineer and a RUTGERS Accounting Graduate. He is an astute project manager with an eye for details and firsthand experience in leading all stages of system development efforts, including

requirements definition, design, architecture, testing, and support. He is an award-winning original inventor of the Motion Transfer Mechanism – the first-ever device that converts up and down motion into a circular motion, that has reportedly helped so many physically challenged individuals or people with physical impairments get their grooves back.

Wilson Bezerra is also a Federal Law Enforcement training expert, a Deal Flow speaker for the state of New Jersey, the Senate and General Assembly AWARD winner, and he also won the 2011 UWP mechanical engineering awards. For Wilson, who has filed a patent in 42 countries, the MTM is going to be the next big deal across the world. Therefore, deciding to invest in it will keep your investment on the billionaire’s radar in the new decade and beyond.

John Bezerra – Purple Heart Recipient / Board Member

Silvana A. Bezerra – CFO / Inventor

Mrs. Bezerra is a former IRS agent with vast audit experience. She has knowledge of business and trade practices to develop and solve tax issues based on analysis and evaluations of overall business operations and financial condition. She has been running a successful business since 1989. Mrs. Bexerra has a Bachelor of Art in French with a minor in accounting from Montclair State University. She is also a part of the inventors and patent holders of the Motion Transfer Mechanism, our device that converts circular motion to up and down motion.

Gabor Nagy – Engineer / Inventor / Board Member

Mr. Nagy is an innovator who has served as a consultant engineer and Director for ARC287BC since January 2015. He has 46 years of experience in creating, engineering, and selling multiple products, generating billions of dollars for large corporations such as Owens Corning and Ford Motor Company. He holds more than 12 patents that allowed him to build two successful companies such as Bay Industries and ARC Machines. He is also one of the patent holders of the Motion Transfer Mechanism. In addition, he was also the inventor of Super Chuck, a device that allowed his company to become very successful and employ over 36 employees.

Marissa Calderon – Education Specialist / Board Member

William Diggs – Engineer / Board Member

Abir Yarce – Human Resources / Board Member

Richard Sacher – Board Member

Over 10 years of experience and the capacity to adopt new concepts with due responsibilities. Familiar with necessary recruiting and training procedures for the newly appointed personnel Coordinated the effectiveness of staff members’ functions with the implementation of a computerized purchasing and billing system. Supervised a staff of 10-13, including interns. Performed Human Resource management duties, i.e., recruitment, selection, training and development, benefits, policies and procedures. Increased sales by 75%, and reduced cost 30%, utilizing marketing techniques. Negotiated purchases of computer equipment and contracted alternative delivery systems. Maintained public relations contacts with local and regional media and implemented new marketing promotions. Office procedures also included taxation, bookkeeping, coding, and billing.

Dino Kaousias – Marketing / Board Member

Krystle Gonzalez – Administrative Assistant

Jessica Rodriguez – Secretary

Dr. Vebi Coba – Board Member

Otto Weiberth – Board Member

Over 30 years of engineering and Sales experience in the Process & Power Industry. Spent over 15 years in CAD and Solution selling directly and through a reseller channel. Excellent background in Human Relations and Communications with the ability to deal with personnel at all levels of management both nationally and internationally.

Education: American Graduate University (Sales/Marketing Seminars), MBA, Fairleigh Dickinson University, BSCE, Newark College of Engineering

Abedin Astafa – Compliance Officer / Board Member

Developed and implemented new Ethics Compliance & Ethics programs at two publicly traded companies. Implemented various compliance procedures in an effort to mitigate risks associated with Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and other anti-bribery laws. Conducted and managed investigations of alleged acts of non-compliance, and performed compliance risk assessments. Created and distributed a company Code of Conduct/Ethics manual at two publicly traded companies, and developed and implemented a company-wide Code of Ethics training & certification. Designed and implemented a compliance training curriculum and communication strategy, while developing, implementing, and managing compliance helplines as a vehicle for employees to report violations of the Code of Ethics Specialties: Ethics and Compliance Program Development. This includes but is not limited to drafting/revising/deploying Code of Conduct/Ethics document along with related training and certification, development of policy and procedures, communications and training strategies.

Sami Zeqaj – Board Member

From Brooklyn, NY, Sami Zeqaj has been successful in building teams and companies. With a strong background in collaborative teamwork and team sports, Sami’s passion for helping the disabled stems from his love for sports and experience with loved ones with disabilities.

“One of my first jobs was working with the disabled and I saw first-hand the need in the space for the FIT Foundation, making the recreational hobby/exercise world more accessible and inclusive”